Another Contract

Hang in there, fellow writers! After many years, it has become easier for me to write a cover or a query letter. As a result, I’ve been offered yet another contract for one of my little chapter books. That said, I have about half a dozen more stories I’d like to see published, esp. one […]

Time Waits for No Man (or Woman)!

So much time has elapsed, that I’m not sure what to include and what to leave off! Christmas went by in such a hurry, while January was full of meetings with friends. February proved to be busy with doctor appointments for various things, ranging from eye exams to a visit to the ER facility. Suffice […]

A Contract at Last!

Well, fellow writers, at long last, I received a contract for my book, Lost Apache! I just got the proof copy and am so thrilled. My book explores the life of a young Lipan Apache (those who live in Texas, not Arizona or New Mexico) who is captured by Spaniards during a failed raid. He […]

Thirty Days Hath September

Well, here it is September already, and I haven’t written for a month. August went by in a hurry! At long last, I was offered a contract for one of my mid-grade contracts! My time has gone toward correcting my own copy and proofreading their copy. It’s in the neighborhood of 100 pages, or more, […]

And Now It’s August!

Where, oh where did the time go? I did spend a lot of time this summer revising quite a few of my stories and spent more time looking for new publishers and coming up with what I hope were good cover and/or query letters. So I did feel like I accomplished a lot. I sent […]

May is Almost Over

With May almost over, I have been asked to read a story or two from my self-published book, Little Stories for Little Folks, to a kindergarten class at the last elementary school where I taught. Better late than never! I look forward to seeing little kids and hearing their questions. As far as submitting, I’ve […]

At Last!

Easter has come and gone already. What a beautiful day it was, weatherwise as well! I love seeing all the flowers outside and the trees full of green leaves, not bare. The buebonnets have come and gone, but they were gorgeous this year! At last, at the end of March, I sent off my revised […]