Here it is November Already!

Hi, Everybody,

Yes, here it is already November! I can’t believe we’re now having cold weather! We had a very dry summer until September and October came along, and then we had so much rain, we broke a record!

In the meantime, I was preoccupied with corresponding with the illustrators of my 2019 stories. When I finished with that, I started preparing for the school presentations I’ll be giving on my book about a Lipan Apache boy who is captured and has to live in a Spanish mission in San Antonio.

Little did I know in 2014 when I started the story, that 2018 would be San Antonio’s 300th Centennial! My book was published a year ago, and I’ve sold and given away about 3 dozen of them. This Monday, November 12, I’ll be presenting it to fourth-graders at a nearby school. In Texas, that’s where kids start learning San Antonio history, and of Texas in general. As of now, I’ve got two more presentations to give after Thanksgiving, for a total of 14 classes. The students are informed ahead of time of my visit and of the fact that they may purchase my book, if they so wish.

School presentations take a lot of preparation on my part. I write a short speech on index cards, then I read a few pages to the kids. After I’m finished, there’s a question and answer portion on writing. Finally, I give the teachers a fun activity related to my story to do in the classroom. I’m looking forward to their reaction to the story.

Till next time! (And I hope it will be sooner than last time!)




July 2018

Here it is July. Lots has happened! I have gotten contracts on three of my easy readers. One is called SHOWDOWN on RANCHO CHICO; another is NITO and THE WITCH; still another one is WEIRD MARIO.

They will all be in the 2019 catalog of Waldorf Publications. Right now, a young illustrator is working on drawings for SHOWDOWN. I was glad to have input on the illustrations, since the story includes two dogs and 3 javelinas. So far, so good. The books will be hardcover ones with colored illustrations.

In addition, I had to gather endorsements from my friends (not easy to do with everyone so busy), but I did manage to get 3 good ones from a variety of people.

I remain occupied with sending out query/cover letters for four more of my stories which I would love to get published!

Till next time!


Another Contract

Hang in there, fellow writers! After many years, it has become easier for me to write a cover or a query letter. As a result, I’ve been offered yet another contract for one of my little chapter books. That said, I have about half a dozen more stories I’d like to see published, esp. one that I put a lot of research into and that I’m especially fond of–a mid-grade historical fiction story. Another one is a fairy tale that is a personal favorite, but I think because the main character is a young teenager, it’s not accepted as a children’s story, even though the theme is one children would learn a good lesson from. Oh, well, I’ll keep trying!


Time Waits for No Man (or Woman)!

So much time has elapsed, that I’m not sure what to include and what to leave off! Christmas went by in such a hurry, while January was full of meetings with friends. February proved to be busy with doctor appointments for various things, ranging from eye exams to a visit to the ER facility. Suffice it to say, I’m doing okay.

My good news is that I received another contract for a little story of mine that happened many years ago. I changed it somewhat to appeal to youngsters. A relative suggested I change the names of the animals in the story. Voila! This one will be strictly fiction, though the core of it is true, but it will have illustrations as well and will be a hardback. I’m excited!

Here it is March, and we’ve had to change the time on the clocks, something I’m not thrilled about. Next, I’m hoping to see bluebonnets and warmer weather. C’mon Spring!

A Contract at Last!

Well, fellow writers, at long last, I received a contract for my book, Lost Apache! I just got the proof copy and am so thrilled. My book explores the life of a young Lipan Apache (those who live in Texas, not Arizona or New Mexico) who is captured by Spaniards during a failed raid. He is sent to live in a Franciscan mission in San Antonio, far from his parents. There, he meets another Apache girl from another Lipan band of Indians. The two must work together pulling water from a well to supply to all the buildings of the mission.

Bacho, the Lipan boy, hates being made to work, because he is a future warrior, so he determines to escape. After his first failed attempt, he has the Lipan girl teach him Spanish so that he can converse with the old man who cares for sick animals. Once a young pony is declared well, he uses the pony for his second escape. But, as luck would have it, he is once again returned to the mission he hates.

His third attempt to leave, he decides, will be very different. I’d tell you the rest, but I hope you’ll find out by reading my book. Look on Amazon under my name (Jennie Gannon Wittenbach) or by the name of my book–LOST APACHE. Happy writing!


Thirty Days Hath September

Well, here it is September already, and I haven’t written for a month. August went by in a hurry! At long last, I was offered a contract for one of my mid-grade contracts! My time has gone toward correcting my own copy and proofreading their copy. It’s in the neighborhood of 100 pages, or more, so I’ve been extra busy! I’ve been excited to work on it,¬† hoping I’ve done everything correctly and gotten my ideas across to the editor.

In between, like most of us, I’ve been watching news of Harvey, since I have lots of relatives in the Houston area. Fortunately, they’ve come through okay. Now, suddenly, it’s Irma headed for Florida. My Florida friends¬† just moved from there a few months ago, but one of our friends has a daughter who lives there, and another has a son who is in Florida. God willing, everyone will be all right, though right now, it doesn’t look promising.

In the meantime, I’m still sending out my chapter books, my picture books, my early reader books, and my mid-grade novels, hoping that I might see another contract!

Happy writing to all!




And Now It’s August!

Where, oh where did the time go? I did spend a lot of time this summer revising quite a few of my stories and spent more time looking for new publishers and coming up with what I hope were good cover and/or query letters. So I did feel like I accomplished a lot. I sent out 11 or 12 submissions. Still more to come this month, I hope!

We’ve hot a heat wave accompanied by a drought, but it rained big time yesterday, so the weather is a little cooler (93* yesterday as opposed to 99 and 100, with heat indexes up to 105!). South Central TX has been suffering for awhile now. Now I’m looking forward to fall rains!

I’m hoping to get more stories written about children at the San Antonio missions before fall is over!