A Contract at Last!

Well, fellow writers, at long last, I received a contract for my book, Lost Apache! I just got the proof copy and am so thrilled. My book explores the life of a young Lipan Apache (those who live in Texas, not Arizona or New Mexico) who is captured by Spaniards during a failed raid. He is sent to live in a Franciscan mission in San Antonio, far from his parents. There, he meets another Apache girl from another Lipan band of Indians. The two must work together pulling water from a well to supply to all the buildings of the mission.

Bacho, the Lipan boy, hates being made to work, because he is a future warrior, so he determines to escape. After his first failed attempt, he has the Lipan girl teach him Spanish so that he can converse with the old man who cares for sick animals. Once a young pony is declared well, he uses the pony for his second escape. But, as luck would have it, he is once again returned to the mission he hates.

His third attempt to leave, he decides, will be very different. I’d tell you the rest, but I hope you’ll find out by reading my book. Look on Amazon under my name (Jennie Gannon Wittenbach) or by the name of my book–LOST APACHE. Happy writing!



Thirty Days Hath September

Well, here it is September already, and I haven’t written for a month. August went by in a hurry! At long last, I was offered a contract for one of my mid-grade contracts! My time has gone toward correcting my own copy and proofreading their copy. It’s in the neighborhood of 100 pages, or more, so I’ve been extra busy! I’ve been excited to work on it,¬† hoping I’ve done everything correctly and gotten my ideas across to the editor.

In between, like most of us, I’ve been watching news of Harvey, since I have lots of relatives in the Houston area. Fortunately, they’ve come through okay. Now, suddenly, it’s Irma headed for Florida. My Florida friends¬† just moved from there a few months ago, but one of our friends has a daughter who lives there, and another has a son who is in Florida. God willing, everyone will be all right, though right now, it doesn’t look promising.

In the meantime, I’m still sending out my chapter books, my picture books, my early reader books, and my mid-grade novels, hoping that I might see another contract!

Happy writing to all!




And Now It’s August!

Where, oh where did the time go? I did spend a lot of time this summer revising quite a few of my stories and spent more time looking for new publishers and coming up with what I hope were good cover and/or query letters. So I did feel like I accomplished a lot. I sent out 11 or 12 submissions. Still more to come this month, I hope!

We’ve hot a heat wave accompanied by a drought, but it rained big time yesterday, so the weather is a little cooler (93* yesterday as opposed to 99 and 100, with heat indexes up to 105!). South Central TX has been suffering for awhile now. Now I’m looking forward to fall rains!

I’m hoping to get more stories written about children at the San Antonio missions before fall is over!


May is Almost Over

With May almost over, I have been asked to read a story or two from my self-published book, Little Stories for Little Folks, to a kindergarten class at the last elementary school where I taught. Better late than never! I look forward to seeing little kids and hearing their questions.

As far as submitting, I’ve been gearing up for that. I narrowed down the publishers that have books similar to my stories. Then I went through and wrote down which of my manuscripts might be good matches for that particular publishing company and stuck it on the index card I made for each with their submission guidelines. I hope to send off six or eight cover letters or query letters come June.

This summer promises to be a busy one! Time will tell! I’ll let you know if I get any “bites” on my stories!


At Last!

Easter has come and gone already. What a beautiful day it was, weatherwise as well! I love seeing all the flowers outside and the trees full of green leaves, not bare. The buebonnets have come and gone, but they were gorgeous this year!

At last, at the end of March, I sent off my revised manuscript to the editor who asked me to send it to her when I finished revising it. I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying a little prayer that she’ll like it.

Other than that, I’ve hit a wall! Talk about writer’s block! I have so many other stories, shorter and for a younger audience, that I need to revise and send off again, but after so many rejections, I’ve gotten discouraged, I guess. But I do not want to give up. I’ll try again when the spirit moves me!

Well, let me know how you are doing and what you’re writing about. I’d love to hear from you!




Time is Fleeing

Can you believe it’s already March? I’ve spent the last couple of months still revising my mid-grade Medieval novel, which is mainly for boys 10-12. It has 18 chapters, so the rewrite is taking me awhile, to say the least. I’m taking some of it to my critique group tomorrow. They generally give me useful suggestions for revising.

Well, I’ll believe it’s Spring when I finally see some bluebonnets around here! We’ve had a fairly warm winter, except for two days when it got below freezing and killed a few of my plants. Some that I trimmed are coming back to life; some didn’t make it.

Sounds like my stories: Some have been worked on and improved; others just didn’t make it, in my estimation. Now I want to add new ones (when I finish revising this novel) to see if they’ll bloom and flourish!

See you next time!


A New Year, a New Beginning…

After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, both pre and post, it’s already the middle of January of the new year! During this time, I met with my former writing coach who encouraged me to revise my mid-grade novel by coming up with new ideas and situations. So, it was back to the research to see if any ideas occurred. I wrote a couple of extra chapters and intend to keep tweaking my manuscript till it feels finished! Then I’ll resubmit it to publishers.

Writing query letters is like shooting an arrow into the sky; you know not where it’s going to land! No matter how many of them I write, I’m never sure if they have the right tone or the correct ingredients. But I won’t give up! I’ve already written well over a hundred of them, so it should become easier. I’ll give it the “old college try”! Will let you know if I have any success.