Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Here it is the end of August, and I promised I’d write more often! This summer has been a busy one for me; on top of all my duties as a housewife, what with all that that entails, I have sent off many an email query letter or a snail mail cover letter to various publishers. I even looked into self-publishing a couple of times, though one of them was very expensive!

At the end of June, we had an early Fourth of July picnic at our house. Fortunately, the weather was not hot and a cool breeze was blowing. It even rained slightly right before our guests came. We had a great time with the dozen people there and lots of food! July, strangely enough, was not that hot. We had solar panels put on our roof, luckily, because August has proven to be a hot one!

School has already started, and I sent a note to some nearby schools about presenting my book, Lost Apache, to fourth-graders. I did so last fall and talked with 22 classes. One presentation is already set up for mid-October, and I hope to get more. I’ve gone to a couple of luncheons with old friends, hoping not to gain a few pounds from all the good Mexican food.

If you read this, look for my book on Amazon or email me at 2eca4258 or jwittenbach@reagan.com.



I Made a Speech!

Yesterday, May 7, I made a speech at our local historical society about the research I did for my mid-grade historical fiction book, LOST APACHE. There were about 30 people there, and my speech lasted about half an hour or so. It went better than I thought it would; I guess my former teacher instincts kicked in, and I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. Afterwards, lots of people came up to look at the visuals that went with the book. Some even bought the book, mostly, I think, for their grandchildren. I was pleased that most of the audience paid attention and really seemed to listen. It made me glad that I had prepared real well. Luckily, I took my grown daughter with me to help. She handled the money, while I signed the books. Now I’m ready to do it again! Three people gave me leads as to when they’d like me to speak again! Now I’m ready to do it again!

Till next time…

Make America Read Again!

I’m embarrassed that it’s been so long since I last blogged! If you follow this one, would you let me know? I don’t know if I activated the address to receive responses or not!

Here, deep in the heart of Texas, the bluebonnets are in full array, plus a few other wildflowers! The grass is green, and we’re waiting for much needed rain! Leaves are now covering the trees, even the mesquite, which is usually the last tree to get its Spring leaves. Birds are twittering from early in the morning until almost evening.

For the last few months, I’ve had interactions with a publisher who will debut 3 of my easy reader stories in their 2019 fall catalog. I’m excited, to say the least! I went back and forth with the publisher and two of the illustrators about pictures to be included. They will be in color, too, so they should appeal to independent readers of 7-9. In spite of that, I’m still trying to get published a mid-grade historical novel I worked on for years, plus a folktale that’s a chapter book for grades 3-5.

Please drop me a line if you’ve read this blog. Many thanks in advance! I hope to write more frequently. I’ll make a promise, in fact, to do just that!

Till next time!


Here it is November Already!

Hi, Everybody,

Yes, here it is already November! I can’t believe we’re now having cold weather! We had a very dry summer until September and October came along, and then we had so much rain, we broke a record!

In the meantime, I was preoccupied with corresponding with the illustrators of my 2019 stories. When I finished with that, I started preparing for the school presentations I’ll be giving on my book about a Lipan Apache boy who is captured and has to live in a Spanish mission in San Antonio.

Little did I know in 2014 when I started the story, that 2018 would be San Antonio’s 300th Centennial! My book was published a year ago, and I’ve sold and given away about 3 dozen of them. This Monday, November 12, I’ll be presenting it to fourth-graders at a nearby school. In Texas, that’s where kids start learning San Antonio history, and of Texas in general. As of now, I’ve got two more presentations to give after Thanksgiving, for a total of 14 classes. The students are informed ahead of time of my visit and of the fact that they may purchase my book, if they so wish.

School presentations take a lot of preparation on my part. I write a short speech on index cards, then I read a few pages to the kids. After I’m finished, there’s a question and answer portion on writing. Finally, I give the teachers a fun activity related to my story to do in the classroom. I’m looking forward to their reaction to the story.

Till next time! (And I hope it will be sooner than last time!)



July 2018

Here it is July. Lots has happened! I have gotten contracts on three of my easy readers. One is called SHOWDOWN on RANCHO CHICO; another is NITO and THE WITCH; still another one is WEIRD MARIO.

They will all be in the 2019 catalog of Waldorf Publications. Right now, a young illustrator is working on drawings for SHOWDOWN. I was glad to have input on the illustrations, since the story includes two dogs and 3 javelinas. So far, so good. The books will be hardcover ones with colored illustrations.

In addition, I had to gather endorsements from my friends (not easy to do with everyone so busy), but I did manage to get 3 good ones from a variety of people.

I remain occupied with sending out query/cover letters for four more of my stories which I would love to get published!

Till next time!


Another Contract

Hang in there, fellow writers! After many years, it has become easier for me to write a cover or a query letter. As a result, I’ve been offered yet another contract for one of my little chapter books. That said, I have about half a dozen more stories I’d like to see published, esp. one that I put a lot of research into and that I’m especially fond of–a mid-grade historical fiction story. Another one is a fairy tale that is a personal favorite, but I think because the main character is a young teenager, it’s not accepted as a children’s story, even though the theme is one children would learn a good lesson from. Oh, well, I’ll keep trying!


Time Waits for No Man (or Woman)!

So much time has elapsed, that I’m not sure what to include and what to leave off! Christmas went by in such a hurry, while January was full of meetings with friends. February proved to be busy with doctor appointments for various things, ranging from eye exams to a visit to the ER facility. Suffice it to say, I’m doing okay.

My good news is that I received another contract for a little story of mine that happened many years ago. I changed it somewhat to appeal to youngsters. A relative suggested I change the names of the animals in the story. Voila! This one will be strictly fiction, though the core of it is true, but it will have illustrations as well and will be a hardback. I’m excited!

Here it is March, and we’ve had to change the time on the clocks, something I’m not thrilled about. Next, I’m hoping to see bluebonnets and warmer weather. C’mon Spring!