Novels VS. Easy Readers

Though novels are definitely harder to write, I have written many easy readers (not picture books), which have been almost as difficult to revise. Apparently, the market likes picture books, then novels (or in some cases, chapter books, and finally, easy books. Because of my background, I love writing easy books (up to 2500 words), but there seems to be little demand for such. Have you had this experience, too?


Learning theTrade

For the past 10 years, I have been learning as much as I can about how to get a book ready for publishing and the publishing field, as well. Somewhere in the middle of those years, things began to change in the publishing field. Still, I think a good story remains a good story, and that while methods of operation are becoming different than in years past, it still takes a well-crafted story to get published.
My concern is that people without a lot of experience behind them are the first to read and evaluate a story. Maybe it’s possible that writers who deserve to be published are passed over due to this fact. It doesn’t seem fair!
Right now, I’m finding out about what makes a (hopefully) successful cover or query letter. This seems to vary from publishing house to publishing house. Very frustrating! I’ll keep trying, though.

Christmas is Almost Here

November somehow slipped away from me–too much going on! Now Christmas is two days away! It seems that before we know it, the New Year will be here and we start all over again! But, that’s life!

After months of uncertainty about revising my mid-grade novel, I finally thought of two additional chapters to include, plus some material to leave out. This was not easy, as many of you have found out who try to revise a novel you feel is already complete! The original came to me easily, so I hoped that rewriting and incorporating an editor’s (actually two) suggestions would be simple. Not so!

Now I’ll be resubmitting my novel (at one of the editor’s request), plus I intend to send it out to lots of other publishers. It’s almost 32,000 words, so of course, I’ll send queries first and keep my fingers crossed!

Till 2017, have a wonderful holiday season!


Fall is Here!

Here it is almost the end of October! Halloween is just around the corner! How time flies!

Almost nothing has changed with my unrevised novel of the boy in Medieval times, unfortunately. Because of rules during those times, the girl in the story is not able to help my main character learn how to read. Girls were simply not taught to read back then. One editor suggested that she help him, but she couldn’t have; so I’m batting zero on following one of the editor’s suggestions. I’ve already spent so much time in the past writing the story and working with a person who helped me by offering critiques, that I’m drawing a blank. It’s not a good feeling. More time has to be spent thinking up new situations, I’m afraid. Maybe if I start from scratch! Yikes! It’s 18,000 words long, so I’d better get busy! Wish me luck!



Soon it Will Be Fall

I can’t believe I have written since May! The summer was a blur! Now here it is almost mid-September. We are waiting for cooler weather  here, though the summer was not as bad as it usually is. We had only 3 days of 100; compare that with 59 days of 100+ we had only a couple of years ago! We’ll take it!

So far this summer, I’ve had 3 partial stories written and am working still on revising my novel of a boy in the Middle Ages who wanted to learn to read but wasn’t allowed to. Two editors wrote and graciously gave me suggestions on how I might improve it, so I’ve been pondering how to make those changes. It’s not coming easily to me, though. I’ll keep trying!

How was your summer? Do you wish sometimes we could go back to all those years ago when we had to capitalize the seasons? Every time I write a sentence with the fall season, I wish we still did so that no one will confuse the verb “fall” with the season. Oh, well…

Let me know what you’ve been writing or would like to write about. Tell me if you’ve found a wonderful publisher website so we can share!

Until then,



June and July–Busy Months

The summer is rushing by in a flash! Here it is almost August! For the months of June and July, I sent off a dozen and a half of my stories of  four or five different kinds/genres. It’s early yet to receive any responses, but I did get two rejections; one was too short and not considered a novel; the other had a bunch of flaws, which I hope to incorporate into my novel and revise as well. I realized I’ve learned so much about writing and sending query/cover letters. One company I have to give credit to is CBI, the Children’s Book Insider. Their newsletters are always chock full of information and tips. Of course, I must give credit to SCBWI, especially for their resource book online. It has a wealth of information and tips.

Will let everyone know if/when I get responses from the emails and letters I sent out! It’s exciting! In the meantime, I’m still working on another of the San Antonio mission stories. In October of 2015, the missions were designated as World Heritage sites. They include the Alamo, Mission Concepcion, Mission La Espada, San Jose Mission, and Mission San Juan de Capistrano (yes, same name as the one in CA!)




How Sweet it is!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was determined to send out query letters to publishers this month. And I did! I have sent out eight manuscripts so far, consisting of eight different stories. Having whittled down my mailing list of publishers has really helped. One story has been sent out 26 times, another 13 times, and a favorite of mine 29 times. I can’t give up, even though sometimes I think I probably should. But my manuscripts need to be read, so I’ll keep sending them! Will let you know if I get any encouraging responses!