A New Year, a New Beginning…

After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, both pre and post, it’s already the middle of January of the new year! During this time, I met with my former writing coach who encouraged me to revise my mid-grade novel by coming up with new ideas and situations. So, it was back to the research to see if any ideas occurred. I wrote a couple of extra chapters and intend to keep tweaking my manuscript till it feels finished! Then I’ll resubmit it to publishers.

Writing query letters is like shooting an arrow into the sky; you know not where it’s going to land! No matter how many of them I write, I’m never sure if they have the right tone or the correct ingredients. But I won’t give up! I’ve already written well over a hundred of them, so it should become easier. I’ll give it the “old college try”! Will let you know if I have any success.


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