Soon it Will Be Fall

I can’t believe I have written since May! The summer was a blur! Now here it is almost mid-September. We are waiting for cooler weather  here, though the summer was not as bad as it usually is. We had only 3 days of 100; compare that with 59 days of 100+ we had only a couple of years ago! We’ll take it!

So far this summer, I’ve had 3 partial stories written and am working still on revising my novel of a boy in the Middle Ages who wanted to learn to read but wasn’t allowed to. Two editors wrote and graciously gave me suggestions on how I might improve it, so I’ve been pondering how to make those changes. It’s not coming easily to me, though. I’ll keep trying!

How was your summer? Do you wish sometimes we could go back to all those years ago when we had to capitalize the seasons? Every time I write a sentence with the fall season, I wish we still did so that no one will confuse the verb “fall” with the season. Oh, well…

Let me know what you’ve been writing or would like to write about. Tell me if you’ve found a wonderful publisher website so we can share!

Until then,




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