June and July–Busy Months

The summer is rushing by in a flash! Here it is almost August! For the months of June and July, I sent off a dozen and a half of my stories of  four or five different kinds/genres. It’s early yet to receive any responses, but I did get two rejections; one was too short and not considered a novel; the other had a bunch of flaws, which I hope to incorporate into my novel and revise as well. I realized I’ve learned so much about writing and sending query/cover letters. One company I have to give credit to is CBI, the Children’s Book Insider. Their newsletters are always chock full of information and tips. Of course, I must give credit to SCBWI, especially for their resource book online. It has a wealth of information and tips.

Will let everyone know if/when I get responses from the emails and letters I sent out! It’s exciting! In the meantime, I’m still working on another of the San Antonio mission stories. In October of 2015, the missions were designated as World Heritage sites. They include the Alamo, Mission Concepcion, Mission La Espada, San Jose Mission, and Mission San Juan de Capistrano (yes, same name as the one in CA!)





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