Here it is May Already!

Whatever happened to April? It was gone in the blink of an eye, it seems. I spent much of it revising two of my mid-grade novels and then going through lists of publishers’ catalogs online to see if their books matched my type of stories. I eliminated a bunch of them and made a list of those I felt good about. Now I’m ready to start sending out query letters to a dozen of them with different stories of mine. Wish me luck!

Another thing that happened toward the end of April was a horrific hailstorm we had in this area. It was totally unexpected by us (and the weatherman). The hail started out pea-size, then ping-pong size, then golf-ball size and even baseball size! It happened fast and came down with a vengeance, damaging roofs, skylights, windows, and even the sides of wooden houses! New spring growth from the nearby trees was spread over roofs and driveways like a green carpet. Unprotected cars suffered broken windshields or rear windows, along with widespread pock marks all over the body. When it was over, it has been declared the most expensive hailstorm in the state of Texas.

But I digress. Be prepared, publishers! I’ll be sending out those query letters all this month and beyond!

Have a happy May!


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