It’s Almost April!

How did that happen? Maybe it’s because we had such an early Easter! It just seems this year is racing past! Maybe it’s my age! Anyway, I have been busy revising my novel about my 11-year-old main character and his friend. It takes place in the medieval days (1220); Robby is the son of a farmer who hopes to rise above his station in life. He thinks that by learning to read, he may do so, even though reading is not encouraged.

When I first sent my MS out, one kind editor suggested that if it takes place in that time period, I must use the language (in dialogue) of that period. I put it off for a long time, but then employed the use of an online etymology dictionary to find the origin of words and whether they were in use during the era. I also had to make frequent use of a thesaurus and a dictionary to find appropriate words to use. Believe me, I learned lots of synonyms!

Now it’s almost finished, so it will be sent out once again in the hopes of finding a publisher. I think one of the problems with getting it published is that it contains mention of religion, which in that time, ruled their world, so it’s almost impossible to write of that era without mentioning it. Let’s hope some publisher will like it anyway!



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