This winter, while not a very cold one, was still a traumatic one for me. Not only did I have two cataract operations, but I got a bad case of sinusitis which turned into bronchitis. All this by way of explaining why I haven’t written a blog in so long!

Now it’s March, and spring is almost here, at least in south central Texas! For the past three weeks, I have been revising my historical fiction novel. Using an etymology dictionary, it’s taken me weeks to find and substitute words which were already in use in the time period (13th century) in place of modern ones. Surprising how many words we use today were already in use back then! Most have Latin origins, though many are of German origin, as well. So interesting! The word “interesting” was not yet in use, nor “fun” or  “entertaining” or “enjoy”.  “Pleasing” was the word used most in place of these, it seems.  It’s been a challenge to find the words and then go back and plug them into the story.

Till next time, have “fun” ! “Enjoy” an “interesting” springtime!


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