Mission Stories

Some of you may have heard that the five San Antonio missions (from the Spanish colonial times) have been named as World Heritage sites. Two years before this occurred, I went to the Alamo and its bookstore to search for stories written about the missions from a child’s point of view. All I found were non-fiction books about the missions, particularly the Alamo and the battle fought there. I was looking for accounts of people living there at a much earlier time than the famous battle. Since I could find none, I decided to write a story involving children at each of the missions. Children learn from stories, so I have now written three stories, one of which became a mid-grade novel, about a child living in each of the missions, with two more yet to come.

My problem is that no publishers are interested in them, not even local San Antonio publishers. I realize that they are historical fiction and involve some mention of religion, but how else could they be written? If you read this and are interested, you’ll find them posted in my blog. Let me know what you think!




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