Teacher to Teacher

Yesterday I received a pdf from CBI, the newsletter I receive about writing. It was about teachers and former teachers (I won’t say ex-teacher, because it stays with you, whether you’re retired or not) who write or want to write books/articles/etc. There are comments from the many teachers who have done just that, some while they are currently teaching and some after their jobs are finished. Buried deep into the book, I ran across one as I scrolled down the page that sounded like something I agreed with. To my utter surprise, my name was on the bottom of the paragraphs! I guess I wrote it two or three years ago, and CBI, knowing I was a former teacher and knowing they were going to compile this book at some time in the future, squirreled it away. The book is called Teacher to Teacher and is inspiring to read, especially if you are or have been a teacher. My comments are on p. 40, for any CBI subscribers out there!

I taught in the elementary grades for 30 years, 15 of those in fourth grade, my favorite. After I retired, I taught in a local community college for 10 more years. I was hesitant to do so, but my husband told me that they would be the same as the kids, only bigger. He was right! I loved teaching reading to students who had not passed the college entrance reading exam. Of course they could read, but they did not have a good grasp of the nuances of reading, such as main idea, inferences, and so on. It was rewarding when they were able to finally pass the reading portion of the test. My mantra was, “Read and reread.”


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