Time Flies!

Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote a post! My husband and I were preparing for an out-of-state trip to celebrate an important anniversary! It took a lot of preparation but was worth every minute! We traveled by car and got to see some of this country’s beautiful scenery.

As far as writing, I’ve taken a short break from sending out queries and cover letters. In the meantime, I got still another rejection letter for one of my favorite stories–an easy reader for the entertainment of children ages 6-9. I’ve sent it out to 27 different publishers with no luck! Having been an elementary teacher for many years, I know that age group well. Parts of the story are real. Maybe part of the problem is that today’s youngsters are more interested in silly stories, and I don’t write in that vein.

Do you ever have this concern about your stories? The above-mentioned story is about a myna bird who lives in a classroom and what happens when the teacher-owner of the myna leaves him with a few of her students during Spring Break. The bird has a vocabulary that the story is based on and uses it at appropriate times, causing for an unexpected turn of events! I knew the teacher who owned him and taught him the expressions he used. So, part of the story is true, and my family kept him during that Spring Break!

Let me know if you’d like to read Socrates Goes on Spring Break.







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