Writing and Reading

Time has flown by! We here in Texas have had a cool summer, up until yesterday, when the temp finally reached 100! We sometimes have that occur as early as May, so this spring into summer was pleasant, with regard to temperatures.

Though I’ve done revising and sending manuscripts and query letters here and there, mostly I’ve been reading mid-grade novelists in between. I found one I really liked–Jean Little. She wrote a mid-grade historical fiction story I really liked. It took place right before World War II and captured, I thought, what it must have been like to live in Germany in those days. Her writing really resonated with me.

Another author of mid-grade novels is Richard Peck (hope I didn’t get that first name wrong). His story took place in the 1930’s and seemed again to capture what it must have been like in those days, but he wove lots of situational humor into his writing, whereas Jean Little was more serious, yet engaging.

I’ve read quite a few mid-grade novelitsts, but these two stood out for me, at least until I read Kate de Camillo’s Winn Dixie. I’d read a couple of her other books, but this one had so many different emotions and situations in it that covered a spectrum of feelings and happenings. Entertainment at its best! She writes such diverse stories, but they’re all good! Wish I could do that!

Actually, I guess I do to some degree. If you have kept up with my blog, I’ve written a critique of most (but not all) of the stories I write. Two are mid-grade novels, one’s a fairy tale, most are for the younger set. Two of my favorite easy books are Socrates  Goes on Spring Break and Showdown on Rancho de los Perros (Dog Ranch).

Well, till next time!






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