May is on its Way

Hi, all,

Well, here it is almost May. This coming month, I hope to send out many query letters for my novels and my stories. I think I’ve narrowed down those 8 or 10 publishers that I want to send manuscripts to and have them sorted by snail mail and email. Let’s hope I follow through! 😎

One of my favorite stories, Daniella and the Bird Who Knows Everything, has been sent out almost 30 times, but I get no response to it, mainly because they have been mostly queries. The publishers get only a synopsis and maybe a chapter or two, so they don’t really get a taste of the story. Have you had that happen to you? It’s a fairy tale from another culture, but still no response. Well, I won’t give up on it.

I’ll let you know next time whether or not I sent out my manuscripts as I’m hoping to!

Till next time,




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