For over ten years, I’ve been actively studying what writers must do to create an acceptable manuscript and how to get it published by a traditional publisher. A littlemore than half that time, things began to change in the publishing world. Nevertheless, we are assured that a good story is at the heart of the publication process. Now I’m avidly studying how to write a great cover/query letter. My frustration comes from all the many and varied requirements of different book publishing companies. Now I’ve finally narrowed the list down to about half a dozen companies that may be interested in my work.

I’ve taken a break from writing new manuscripts until I manage to get some kind of a favorable response from one or more editors. So many companies in recent years have been bought out or swallowed up by the Big Boys, most of whom want no submissions unless they are presented by an agent. But–an agent usually will only work for someone who’s already been published. How is that going to happen in the case of these “no unsolicited manuscripts accepted; agented only” companies? It’s the old chicken or the egg scenario. Fewer and fewer publishing houses will accept a manuscript from ordinary-joe-or jane. Therein lies the frustration!

I guess I’ll get over it if and when I finally have a submission accepted. Until then, I’ll keep you posted!




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