Finding a City of Gold

Ray and his twin sister, Ellen, squirmed with excitement. They were in Indian territory on vacation with their parents. Mom and Dad had regaled them with stories of what to expect. The children couldn’t wait to visit a city of gold! According to Mom, no one knew exactly how the stories got started, but they claimed that even the streets were paved with gold!

“Just think, Ellen, we’ll soon be walking on gold!” Ray whispered to his sister.

“You wish!” Ellen replied.

The next thing they knew, the family arrived at a Park Ranger’s building. The man proceeded to tell them the history of the area, finishing by telling them that the Spaniards believed even the walls and the streets would be covered with gold.

“Go out that door and you’ll see the remains of one of those cities,” the Park Ranger told them.

The family eagerly explored the area. The found an old church with no roof and then proceeded to take photographs of themselves and the structures. But, they found no gold streets or walls of gold.

Soon Dad said, “Time to go!”  They all waved to the Park Ranger as Dad began backing out of the parking lot.

Ellen yelled, “Stop, Dad! Look!”

Everyone turned to look where Ellen pointed. Mother gave a gasp. Ellen snapped a picture with her camera.

“Wow! ” exclaimed Ray. “With the sun shining on the red brick walls of the building, they look like they’ve turned to gold!”

Ellen nodded. “Yep! Looks like we found a city of gold after all!”


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