Petey Peacock Falls in Love

Petey is a lovesick peacock who roams the grounds of a famous museum. He falls in love with, unknown to him, a stuffed turkey. He roams the grounds and discovers his love  through a glass door. Petey determines that he will make her acquaintance by finding a way into the museum, but is shooed away by the groundskeeper. Later, he sees the custodian  sweeping the patio outside the glass door and comes up with a plan to meet his beloved. The custodian shoos him out, too, and tells him to leave the stuffed turkey alone. He is devastated. The groundskeeper surprises Petey when he brings another peacock onto the museum grounds. Petey decides to turn his back on whatever the groundskeeper has left behind Petey. He finally decides to see what his competition looks like and sees a cute peahen. Instantly, he falls in love! Spring has sprung!


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