Safe at Last!

Sara Sparrow is looking for a safe place to make her nest and lay her eggs, away from the clutches of cats. Her friend, Molly Mockingbird, tries in vain to help her find a secure place, but is not successful. Sara travels to a new area she has not been before. She sees a big building with the letters L-I-B-R-A-R-Y on it, and right in front of it is the biggest, fiercest looking cat she’s ever seen. Frozen with fear, from a hiding place, Sara watches the giant cat with fascination. Then she notices a strange thing: The monstrous cat does not move, not its nose, not its eyes, not even a twitch of his whiskers! A boy and his small dog passed near the huge cat. An old lady stopped and leaned on the cat! Still it did not move!

Just then her friend, Molly, flies down and asks Sara Why she’s staring at the building. What do you think she told Sara about it?

As a result, Sara decides she has found a safe place for her nest. Soon there were five speckled eggs, safe at last! Can you guess where she decided to build her nest?


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