Two for One

Mr. and Mrs. Winn had lost their beloved Irish Wolfhound/Airedale, Gulliver, to old age the previous year. Mrs. Winn told her husband it would take two dogs to replace such a great dog, but the Winns weren’t ready for a new dog, much less a puppy.

One day, Mrs. Winn overhead a conversation between two of her co-workers. The speaker said she had a mama dog and two other dogs, and now they had a bunch of puppies to give away. Mrs. Winn went home and talked with her husband. The next day, she talked with her co-worker, who told her she’d found homes for most of the puppies, but had two males left.

“Could you bring them over for us to see? Maybe we’ll choose one of them,” Mrs. Winn said.

That weekend, her co-worker drove up in a pickup truck with two bundles of fur sitting in a basket. One was black with white feet; the other had creamy yellow fur and a fluffy tail. The Winns took them in the back yard to let them play. When the owner told them she had to leave, but to let her know which one she wanted, Mr. Winn told her they’d take both of them!

“Well,” remarked Mrs. Winn, “I always said it would take two dogs to replace our old Gulliver!”


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