Henry the Unfriendly

Henry is a Texas horned toad who questions his strange looks and is very shy as a result of his appearance. Because of that, he has no friends. The other animals won’t even talk to him, because they know he won’t respond. One day a little girl sees him and screams. She tells her mother that she’s just seen an ugly creature. Henry slinks away, wondering again why he looks as he does with spikes on his back and little horns on his head. He runs under a bush to hide.

Just then, a cat spies Henry. When the cat can’t get his head under the bush, it tries to swipe Henry out with its paw and succeeds! Though Henry twist and turns, he cannot escape. The cat clamps his mouth over Henry and promptly lets out a howl. When it does, Henry breaks free and runs for his life, wondering how that happened. Then he realizes that the spikes on his back and the horns on his head prevented the cat from eating him. He sees a squirrel and relates the incidence to him. The squirrel is surprised that Henry has spoken to him, but he begins telling Henry about one of his escapes. The squirrel tells some of the other animals that Henry is not really unfriendly, but maybe just a little shy.

Henry decides that maybe if he spoke to more animals, they’d speak to them and he’d have friends. After that, no one ever called him Henry the Unfriendly again.



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