A Visit from Rolf and Robby’s Assistant

Mr. and Mrs. Barlowe have just headed to the crops to check on their progress when Knight Rolf pays them a visit to discuss an important matter with them. The knight, who works for Lord Alfred delivers a proposal to the Barlowes: If Robby will go to the manor to live when he turns twelve, Lord Alfred will use his services instead of Mr. Barlowe’s for a year. The lord agrees to sponsor carving lessons for Robby, with the proviso that if he shows sufficient skill in his woodcarving, then Lord Alfred will plead on his behalf to the guild to accept Robby as an apprentice.

The Barlowes call the boys in and discuss the matter with them. Both boys are pleased with the situation and agree to it. Now Eggy will take Robby’s place in his home. But before that happens, Mr. Barlowe discovers that Eggy took a shortcut when planting the oats, and there is little to show for it. Mr. Barlowe hauls the lazy boy to Lord Alfred’s where Eggy learns that he will pay a dear price for his misdeeds. Mr. Barlowe reminds Robby that if you want a job done well, do it yourself!


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