Robby’s Assistant

Robby is summoned by his father to see the results of Eggy’s planting. Eggy had taken a shortcut; as a result, most of the seeds were dumped at the end of one of the planting rows. Now there may not be enough oats for the family to eat or enough silage leftover with which to feed the animals. Robby realizes that what his father has always told him is true: “If you want something done well, you must see to it yourself.”

Mr. Barlowe, unknown to Robby, hauls Eggy to Lord Alfred’s house to complain about Eggy’s “trick” with the oat crop. Eggy is lectured by Lord Alfred and put in the stocks for all the village to see, not just as a result of his latest misdeed, but because of another matter deferred due to the death of Eggy’s father.


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