A Visit from Knight Rolf

Rolf visits the Barlowes. Nana tells him that her son and his wife are on the way to survey how the spring crops are doing. Knight Rolf intercepts them before they have a chance to inspect the crops and asks them to meet with him in the barn. Robby and Eggy see them go into the barn and hide behind the doors to listen.

A proposal from Lord Alfred is delivered by the knight: Because of Robby’s woodcarving skill and his work at the manor as well,and because Mister Barlowe now has Eggy as a helper, Lord Alfred offers to keep Robby at his manor to perform Mr. Barlowe’s duties for a year. In addition, if Robby shows sufficient skill in his woodcarving in that year, Lord Alfred will plead with the woodcarver’s guild to accept the boy as an apprentice, in spite of his being a commoner. Robby’s mother asks that his reading lessons be included in the deal, too.

The two boys, who thought they were undetected, are told by Robby’s father to come in and express their feelings about the proposal from Lord Alfred. Mr. Barlowe let Eggy know that his cooperation and acceptance of further responsibilities are necessary for this agreement to work. Eggy answers that he is up to the job. Robby and Eggy shake hands to show their agreement with the deal.



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