A New Wrinkle and Spring Planting

Robby has become a whittler and quite a woodcarver. Even his father has complimented him on his carvings. He searches out the village knight, Rolf, who has previously admired his work. Rolf confesses to him that he was previously unable to secure Robby a place as an apprentice in one of the guilds which train artists, among other professions. Rolf is loathe to tell Robby that he cannot join a guild, since he is a commoner.

Heartbroken, he sees Eggy running toward him, crying and screaming. Eggy’s father has been killed in a freak accident caused by his being drunk. Without a thought, Robby offers to let the new orphan live with his family. Reluctantly, the Barlowes agree to keep Eggy.

Spring planting is upon them, so Robby teaches Eggy how to plant the spring crop of oats. Eggy takes it lightly, so when Robby is called to help Lord Alfred, he leaves Eggy to finish the task of planting. Eggy finishes in record time. Robby is thrilled to have an assistant. Now he begins daydreaming of the day he’ll turn twelve, so he doesn’t pay attention to the growing crops.


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