The ‘Ghost’ of Penway Castle

Robby and Eggy explore the stairway of the castle, where Robby finds a metal arrow and slips it in the pouch he carries around his waist. Eggy goes bounding down the stairs and runs across the former courtyard. Shortly, Robby hears a cry for help from Eggy. He has fallen through a trapdoor and cannot get out of the dark room below the floor. Uncertain what to do, Robby hears footsteps behind him. It is not a ghost, as Robby fears, but a monk who with a rope in his hand. The old man offers to help Robby pull Eggy up from the room below.

When they pull Eggy up, he is indignant that the old man is on the grounds. Brother Gregory examines Eggy’s injured ankle and declares it only twisted, not broken. Eggy offers to share his food leftovers with the monk, and Robby agrees. They thank the monk for his help and start their journey home. But first, Brother Gregory hands Robby a scroll with the Benedictine slogan on it, written in Latin. At a rest stop, Robby figures out the slogan: To work is to pray.



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