Mystery Solved and Penway Castle

Robby is told about a class in learning to read English, translating from the Latin. He is especially interested, since he has not been able to attend classes, due to all his extra chores, though he will have to wait until his father’s broken leg has healed. The news renews his dream of one day becoming a landlord and having others do his chores for him.

At a Candlemas fair, he encounters Eggy and is cool toward him, still suspecting him of stealing two of the Barlowe hens. Eggy suggests they both visit an old Roman castle two leagues away. He talks about the supplies they will have to take, including food, and mentions that he could bring boiled eggs. Finally, Robby gets Eggy to confess that he did take the hens so they could have eggs to eat. He runs home and fetches the remaining hen back to Robby, but Robby tells him to keep it.

The boys later plan their trip to the castle, though Robby knows his parents may not approve. However, his father gives him permission, given that Robby has performed his duties well during the time his father was laid up. After all, “The boy will soon be twelve,” says his father.

When they finally get to Penway Castle, they look around for places to explore, but Robby becomes aware of another person on the grounds. Could it be a ghost?


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