A Broken Leg, New Duty to Perform, and a Mystery

Upon arriving home, Robby finds that his father has fallen and broken a leg. Suddenly, Robby’s hopes of bettering himself are dashed. Now he will have extra chores to do. In addition, he will now have to serve as a substitute for his father in performing work for Lord Alfred at the manor. Of course, that provides him with an opportunity to see Abby again. Not only that, but Robby will be allowed to do some hunting on Lord Alfred’s land after he has supplied Lord Alfred with a large supply of chopped wood. Just as he is wondering how to get the Barlowe’s share of wood home, Eggy appears and helps him but with a promise that he’ll get a portion of the hunting kill. The next day, Robby discovers that two of the family’s hens are missing. His mother immediately suspects Eggy. Robby storms over to his friend’s house, only to be told that he’s mistaken. Eggy insists that his father is ill and he must care for him and dismisses Robby. Robby returns home, still suspicious.


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