Winter and a Ray of Hope

Winter comes along, and Robby is now old enough to start learning many of the sometimes unpleasant chores farmers must do to prepare for the season. He helps his father with everything from putting out material to kill rats to fixing the thatched roof to slaughtering animals. While he finds some of the chores distasteful, Robby is proud of the fact that he is being trusted with more responsibility.

When at last he’s free, Robby runs to tell Eggy all he has learned. Later, on his way home from Eggy’s, Robby encounters Knight Rolf on the path. The two talk, and Robby shows him his latest carving. The knight is impressed with Robby’s skill and gives him encouragement with regard to joining a woodcarver’s guild. Robby goes home excited with the possibility of changing his station in life.



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