All Hallow’s Eve and the following November Festival

Freed from many of his chores on the farm, Robby and his friend Eggy set up a “witches” bonfire that goes horribly wrong. The fire spreads, but nature intervenes, with gratitude on Robby’s part. The next day is All Saints Day, and the two boys attend a festival. They see a bear for the first time. Eggy throws a rock at the bear and then blames it on Robby. The boys get in a scuffle with each other until they realize people are cheering them on. Embarrassed, they move away. Suddenly, Robby sees Abigail performing in a play. After it’s over, he talks with her and gives her one of his mother’s oatmeal honey cakes. Eggy, out of jealousy, reminds his friend that the farm and its chores await him.


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